Suzi Crockford

Shamanic Healer, Drum & Rattle maker 

Suzi and Fergus Snow Crockford


I have been in contact with the spirits of the land, the spirit of the drum and my helping spirits since childhood. It is through the interweaving of these relationships that both my work as a healer and as a drum maker comes about.
I have 25 years experience as a shamanic healer and have undertaken many trainings in shamanism. I offer healing work, trainings, mentoring and teaching both from my home and in the wider community. I have taught Shamanism as part of the MA in Spirit and Ecology at Schumacher, made rattles with primary school children, run workshops introducing shamanism to teenage males and provide on-going training and mentoring for a diverse selection of people. I believe that shamanism can, and may well yet, save us all. Please do contact me if there is a way in which you think I may be able to be of service. 

As a creator of drums and rattles with hide, leather, wood and earth pigments, I am experienced in making unique sacred objects, gifts, tools and instruments as guided by Spirit for the individual client, please don't hesitate to ask if there's something I might be able to make for you.



The healing power of drum's rhythms has been in my life for twenty five years, my relationship with the frame drum has developed through my experiences drumming in shamanic and zen trance dance ceremonies during ten years of Jill Purce's Healing Voice workshops, within the mysteries of the British Isles, running a drumming circle and drumming with friends or alone for meditation, healing and pleasure. Drawing from my interest in natural and elemental forms, ancient and prehistoric art and the power of symbol, the images for the drums are birthed as a result of the interweaving between the images given to Suzi, my intuitive knowings and the drum's purpose.

Our Events

Appointments for Shamanic Healing can be made by contacting Suzi on 01647277164.


I prefer to teach drum making one to one as I believe that you get a better drum this way.  I would like you to go home with a drum just as good as the one I would make for you. 
Phone or e-mail to arrange one at a date convenient to you.

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