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Care of Your Drum

Each hand made frame drum has been made with entirely natural materials. The skin in particular is subject to variations in humidity and will become overly taught and 'ringy' if it gets too dry and flaccid and 'flat' sounding if it gets too wet. For this reason please make sure that you store your drum away from direct heat sources such as radiators but in fairly dry conditions. 
If your drum has become floppy from being in an atmosphere that is too damp for it then the quickest way to dry it out to a playable state is to blow it with a hair-dryer for a few minutes!
If your drum has become too dry and 'ringy' and you don't like the sound it's making then you can wet your hand a rub a tiny bit of water (a very small amount is all that's needed) around the face of the drum and the tone will drop.  It's fine to experiment with varying the humidity of the skin in this way but the drum needs to be stored dry. 

Playing outside is obviously one of the pleasures of having a drum; if you find that the atmospheric conditions are too damp (it's been raining or it's a bit misty) and the drum has become 'floppy' then this can be easily remedied by holding it near(ish) a fire for a few minutes. If you are wanting to play outside and there is no fire then your drum can be brought back to life simply by playing it. It might sound awful at first but will soon warm up and dry out.   Obviously if it's pouring with rain there is little you can do! 

There is no amount of wet that your drum cannot recover from as long as it's not wet for a long period of time, all it needs is to dry out. It is obviously vulnerable in this state so please be careful not to allow anything to press against the skin and don't play it when it's soaking wet. It's also important to know that if your drum does get absolutely soaking wet then it must be dried very slowly.  If it is dried too quickly then the frame can warp and the glue in the scarf joint can fail.  This means the end of your drum.  It can be repaired but it would obviously have to be taken to pieces to do so.  
If your drum becomes very, very over heated and dry it is just possible that the skin could split, or that it could become so tight that it causes the frame to break. If you have allowed your drum to get very hot and dry please allow it to adjust to life away from the heat source for a few moments before playing it. If you are wanting to play your drum in very hot and arid conditions as a norm then please say so when you are ordering it. I string my drums very tight for the damp conditions that prevail in the United Kingdom. I can easily make a drum for a drier climate.
I hope you enjoy your drum and that you make a deep, lasting and beautiful connection with The Spirit of The Drum.


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If you would like to deepen your connection with the spirits around you, connect with your creativity and strengthen your intuition this is for you. Ancient Ways brings to you a clear opportunity to improve your life and that of all who share it with you, the human and the other-than-human. The joint aims are clarity and facility: Clarity, in this case, means that this work is designed to help each participant find their authentic and clear connection with the wise and compassionate beings behind the veil and a direct connection with those spirits who are here with us - the denizens of the land. Facility means that part of the focus of the on-going work is to facilitate the embodiment of what begins as 'workshop experiences' into your ordinary reality. 

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