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Start with a drum to suit your needs: what size would you like? 

The drum that suits the majority of people is 16 inches in diameter.  This is big enough to be a proper drum but small enough to be light so you can drum for long periods of time if you need to without getting tired.  
At the moment I have 10, 14, 16, 18 and 20 inch hoops in stock. The 20" hoops are far from circular and make a drum which is neither round nor flat.  Which is great if you're looking for something a bit Sami style, but not if you're not. 
This is the lacing and handle at the  back of a drum.  There are more details about what's possible regarding colours of sticks, handles, hoops etc. at the bottom of this page.

Decide if you would like to decorate your drum:

Here are some of the drums painted by Fergus so far.  There are pictures of more recent drums on my blog here.

 This drum has painting around the outside edge of the face. It was inspired by Anglo Saxon carving. Detail of the vine leaves design around the edge of the Anglo Saxon frame drum. This picture gives a fairly accurate idea of the tone of most hides. They can be paler like the one to the left but are very rarely as white as the ones on the right.   Waning drums.  The face of the drum is reminiscent of the face of the moon - although these photos make the drums look whiter than they actually are. The colour on the  picture to the left is a more accurate representation of the usual colour of the finished hide.  An unadorned drum has a beauty of it's own.  Each is unique as the skins have their individual markings, ancient scars and different colouration. 

The picture on this drum was copied from an ancient manuscript. Shamanic Allies Drum.  Simple line drawings in a natural pigment.
Dark Eagle Shamanic Drum.  The design for your drum can be any size.

Ayahuasca Leaves design on a 15" Shaman's Frame Drum. Bluebird. This drum has glyphs painted inside it's rim that only the drummer can see.
Buffalo Drum.

Swans with triple spiral. This beautiful drum was the first one created for someone I'd never met. The image was found through journeys. Harry The Lamb, a talented shamanic drummer! Phoenix. The owner of this drum had it for many years before she sent it back to have an image painted on it.



This is a link which will take you to
my blog where you will find all the
most recent pictures of painted
Pollen Sister drum. 
Rune of Protection drum. 


These symbols were inspired by ancient Mayan art.  In designing your drum it's possible to dictate both the content and the style of the painting. The Serpent Eats It's Tail. Faery Drum

Here are some close ups and specific detailing:-
Decorated back of very large Shamanic Drum.  Occasionally, when I've been asked to journey on what the drum looks like, I make a drum which is decorated in ways other than with paint.  The handle on this drum isn't finished yet (in the photo).
The drum handle is made from recycled suede, usually from old jackets that are now unwearable.  This can be made to fit the size of your hand if you specify small, medium or large.  I usually have a range of colours.
It is possible to have any colour you like on the inside of the wood at the back of the drum.  This will be seen by the drummer only.  If you chose a very dark colour the paint might be slightly visible through the face of the drum as a ring just inside the outer edge.

The stick coverings and the coverings on the handle always match.  So you know it's your stick!  Unless you don't want them to of course. The drums look very white in this picture but the picture to the right is a more accurate hide colour. 

Close up of the bird on the Bluebird drum pictured above.
The hoop at the back of the drum is covered in material to stop it from rusting. I feel this is the 'heart' of the drum, this ring holds the tension and therefore dictates the sound. 
This is a close up of the lacing on the back of the drum.  This is made of the same hide as the face of the drum, cut into a strip and twisted.
The hoop on the back of an 18 inch drum is obviously much bigger than that on a 16 inch drum, so it does look different.  The handle is a woven leather 'Gods Eye'.  
Close up of the small eagle on the Dark Eagle Drum.  We think natural earth colours look particularly special on the drums. 

This drum has a full set of Runes around the outside of the drum, making it a divinatory tool as well as a shamanic tool and an instrument. 
This skin had unusually large scars and marks on it.  There are always markings on the skins, each one is unique, some have small hairs on them which can be removed with tweezers if you don't like them.  

 There are more pictures of drums on my blog which you can get to by pressing here. Please do note that these drums look particularly white in this photo. The photo to the left is a more accurate guide to the colour of an average hide. 


Appointments for Shamanic Healing can be made by contacting Suzi on 01647277164.

Dates for 2019 are now available on the Ancient Ways page. 

If you would like to deepen your connection with the spirits around you, connect with your creativity and strengthen your intuition this is for you. Ancient Ways brings to you a clear opportunity to improve your life and that of all who share it with you, the human and the other-than-human. The joint aims are clarity and facility: Clarity, in this case, means that this work is designed to help each participant find their authentic and clear connection with the wise and compassionate beings behind the veil and a direct connection with those spirits who are here with us - the denizens of the land. Facility means that part of the focus of the on-going work is to facilitate the embodiment of what begins as 'workshop experiences' into your ordinary reality. 

Email or call 01647 277164 to discuss this or to book. 

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