Suzi Crockford

Shamanic Healer, Drum & Rattle maker 

Links to some of our friends:-

Jessie Watson Brown : The wonderful woman who helps prepare my hides. One of the few Hide Tanners in the UK. 
Greg Abel, Moreton Forge : Greg Abel took over Moretonhampstead Forge in 2000 continuing the tradition of Blacksmithing on the site which has been in existence for 150 years
The Sacred Trust : Offer an ongoing curriculum of courses and trainings with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Colour Light Therapy : Sue Holmes is an accredited, experienced Feng Shui Consultant and holistic therapist, based between her flat in Devon and narrow boat near Swindon.

Shamanism and Tango : Embrace infinite dance across cultures, between disciplines,  through dreams and with hearts tuned into nature!

Centre for Shamanic Studies : An independent network, started by Jonathan Horwitz and Annette Høst, founded on teaching and encouraging the practice of shamanism

Foundation for Shamanic Studies : Offer training programs in shamanism and shamanic healing.

Kate Shela
: Shamanic teacher, healer and practitioner from the Path of Pollen.

Terri Windling
: Artist, writer, and fiction editor interested in myth & folklore.

Jill Purce : Informations and Workshops about Magical Voice Techniques, Mongolian and Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Mantra and Sonic Meditations, Chanting for Psycho-Physical Transformation ...

Sacred Hoop : The British quarterly magazine about Shamanism and Earth Spirituality since 1993.

Notes from the Rookery : Danielle Barlow's blog spot.  This is the wonderful artist who painted my advertising card.  You can see the artwork within her blog if you search for Dartmoor Drums in there. 
The Hermitage :  Rima Staines beautiful blog. A lovely place to linger awhile.

Elen Sentier:  Celtic shaman, writing and teaching native British shamanism.
Atelier Bee:  Exquisite creations from Angharad Barlow.

Our Events

Appointments for Shamanic Healing can be made by contacting Suzi on 01647277164.


I prefer to teach drum making one to one as I believe that you get a better drum this way.  I would like you to go home with a drum just as good as the one I would make for you. 
Phone or e-mail to arrange one at a date convenient to you.

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