Suzi Crockford

Shamanic Healer, Drum & Rattle maker 

Teaching and Mentoring  

Mentoring is an age old way of sharing wisdom, knowledge and experience. I am available for mentoring in shamanic practice, as an ally in pursuing clarity and depth in your on-going relationship with Spirit, helper in the untangling of metaphor and meaning, and as a teacher of shamanism. I tailor the work to suit you - where are you starting from in terms of experience and what would you like to learn? For example; do you want to learn mostly shamanic healing and if so would you like to focus on people, plants or animals? Would you prefer to focus on ceremony and working with the land? Or do all of these, or something else entirely?  I work from my home in Lustleigh and out on the beautiful wild land of Dartmoor.  

For one to one mentoring I charge £180 per day or £35 per hour with a minimum time of two hours in person or one hour on Skype.  The day usually runs from 10 until 4 but everything is negotiable. It includes lunch, tea and cake and will usually include working both inside and outside so bring wet weather gear. 

Prices for me to come to you and for larger groups are by negotiation. 

Distance Training in Shamanism 

I  offer a 9 month training in Shamanism via Skype, telephone and e-mail.  Please contact me either by e-mail ( or phone (01647 277164) for further details.  The  training will begin with a one day workshop here in my home. During this we find out where you are and make a plan to take you deeply in whichever direction it is you wish to pursue shamanism.  During this initial day you learn to undertake the classical shamanic journey, finding the liminal locations that allow travel between this world and the other.  You meet your Spirit Allies and start to learn to understand the metaphorical language through which they communicate. After this one day together the work continues at a distance. You will learn, amongst other things, the hows and whys of Shamanic Healing, both for ourselves and for others - including the extraction of spirit intrusions, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval. Also unravelling curses, working within family bloodlines and work with the dying and the already dead.  We will also work deeply with the Spirits of The Land and nature, venturing into Plant Spirit Medicine and geomancy.  This is just the beginning. 

The initial day together costs £180 and then the ongoing training is £90 per month. As a broad outline I would expect to speak to you by phone or skype for about an hour every two weeks and for you to undertake 'homework' of varying types from journeying, healing ceremonies, creative exercises and e-mail reports. 

 Please do contact me for more details if you're interested.

"I love the gentleness and the connection to the feminine you bring...the work with you has informed my work and I think it has attracted more people to my practice...the training you offered was wonderful and gave me much more confidence"  S.M., Psychotherapist. 


Our Events

Appointments for Shamanic Healing can be made by contacting Suzi on 01647277164.


I prefer to teach drum making one to one as I believe that you get a better drum this way.  I would like you to go home with a drum just as good as the one I would make for you. 
Phone or e-mail to arrange one at a date convenient to you.

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