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Shamanic Healer, Drum & Rattle maker 

Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling is a time tested and beautifully simple system of teaching Shamanic Journeying devised my Michael Harner, the man regarded by most as being the Grandfather of the resurgence of Shamanism in the West. It takes the basis or 'core' of shamanic journeying practices from across the globe and throughout time and turns them into a step by step set of six sessions which allow almost anyone to learn to access the boundless wisdom and compassion of the spirit world. 

Shamanism is a method for stepping beyond 'ordinary reality' in order to access revelations and spiritual experiences directly.  It consists of a collection of techniques for obtaining energy, power, vision, healing and creativity. Most of these techniques are simple and can be easily learned.  As mysterious as it may sound, shamanism is fundamentally practical and very results-oriented. It has survived, intact, for tens of thousands of years for one simple reason: it works. 
If you would like to learn to Journey and you are near enough to come here for six sessions then please contact me by phone for more information or to book. Learning to journey in six sessions rather than in one day (information about that on the mentoring page) does mean that we can spend a great deal longer learning how to really get to the root of how to ask a question which will receive a clear answer and then how to unpick all that is available in that answer. 
The cost is £60 per session which means £360 for all six.  Call 01647 277164 - all six sessions are best booked at once as my diary does get very full. 

Our Events

Appointments for Shamanic Healing can be made by contacting Suzi on 01647277164.


I prefer to teach drum making one to one as I believe that you get a better drum this way.  I would like you to go home with a drum just as good as the one I would make for you. 
Phone or e-mail to arrange one at a date convenient to you.

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