Suzi Crockford

Shamanic Healer, Drum & Rattle maker 

Drum Making Workshop

On Dartmoor (near Moretonhampstead) Make your own beautiful frame drum and beater from scratch Working with the Spirit of the Drum, Deer, the Land and more. Using natural, sustainably and ethically sourced materials in a respectful and heartful way.

The workshop runs from 10am until about 5pm (we don't stop until you have finished) and includes a delicious vegetarian lunch and plenty of tea and cake.  Special diets are no problem. 

Please e-mail  or phone 01647 277164 for more details or to arrange a date. I am happy to teach one at a time but am also able to teach up to four people in one workshop here at my home.   I also offer the opportunity to book a drum making workshop in your location.  You need to have at least four participants and a space in which there are tables with enough room for each person to have about a meter square (or a bit less) of table space. Please contact me for more details. 

Cost:  £210.00 per person

Rattle Making Workshop

Make a rattle to your own design or copy one of mine.  Working with deer skin, wood or antler handle and stones gathered from either the land here, a Dartmoor Stream, the Devon coast or stones that you bring with you. 

The workshops run from 10am until we have finished (this is usually around 3pm) and includes lunch and plenty of tea and cake.   Special diets are no problem.   I can run a workshop just for you or for up to 6 people here or more in a hall near here.  Equally I can easily bring this workshop to a table top near you.  If the rattles need to be made in one day then we need access to an oven but if it's to be done as a two day drum and rattle making workshop then the rattles can dry overnight. Please contact me for more details. 

Cost £95.00 per person


Shamanic Journeying 

An experiential introduction to shamanic practice.  This workshop is designed to allow you to take  your first steps into the Shamanic State of Consciousness for wisdom and healing.  You will meet your spirit helpers (power animal, spirit guide and body protector) and start to explore the vast hidden infinity of wisdom, healing and love that is available to us behind the veil.  We start from where you are - so if you already have a journey practice but wish to deepen it then we'll go from there.

Please bring a bandanna or scarf, notebook and pen.  Wear warm and comfortable clothes (extra socks are a good idea). 

A day convenient to you at my home on Dartmoor.  

Cost:  £180  

Lunch will be provided as will hot and cold drinks and cake.  Please advise me of any dietry restrictions at the time of booking.  Phone or e-mail to book a place and please contact me if you would like more details.  Email or phone 01647 277164


Shamanic Gnosis

This workshop will explore the question 'Who Am I?' at deep and soul-nourishing levels. Using a variety of tools, including the shamanic journey, we will explore what it means to be human in our broken world, who we are really and what we may be here to do. We will be working betwix and between with spirit mentors and allies.  This workshop presumes that you have some basic experience of Shamanic Journeying.  

Please bring outdoor clothes suitable for an anyweather Dartmoor day - we will spend some time outdoors come what may! 

Sunday 30th September 2018 10 - 4.  Gidleigh Village Hall. TQ13 8HR. 

Please contact me for more details and to apply for a place. 

Cost £99.00 

Please bring lunch to share, snacks and hot drinks will be provided. 







Appointments for Shamanic Healing can be made by contacting Suzi on 01647277164.

Dates for 2019 are now available on the Ancient Ways page. 

If you would like to deepen your connection with the spirits around you, connect with your creativity and strengthen your intuition this is for you. Ancient Ways brings to you a clear opportunity to improve your life and that of all who share it with you, the human and the other-than-human. The joint aims are clarity and facility: Clarity, in this case, means that this work is designed to help each participant find their authentic and clear connection with the wise and compassionate beings behind the veil and a direct connection with those spirits who are here with us - the denizens of the land. Facility means that part of the focus of the on-going work is to facilitate the embodiment of what begins as 'workshop experiences' into your ordinary reality. 

Email or call 01647 277164 to discuss this or to book. 

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